Philomena Visio


Race: Elf
Occupation: Runs library
LKL: Wharfbridge

Philomena Visio is a fairly well known mage who holds high position in the Phaneroni and Trentsoiri mage guilds. In Wharfbridge, she has curated her own massive library that she keeps open to the public.

The party was led to Philomena via a correspondence they found on the corpse of prince Felix Schroeder V in the Tomb of Maclir. She had apparently uncovered not only a way in and out of Gruumstaalt, but also information about the Frozen Isolation which befell it 100 years ago. When the party tried to get involved she was apprehensive, until she recognized Ricardo Sanchez as another person who tried to infiltrate the College of the Worldly and steal their secrets. Admiring his ideals, she invited the party to assist her in exposing those behind the Frozen Isolation.


Philomena Visio

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